The Poetic Path To Wellness


Discover the transformative power of poetry with ‘The Poetic Path to Wellness’ by Musiata Akafekwa – a captivating book of poetry that offers a fresh perspective on achieving a healthy lifestyle. Born to a Zambian father and an English mother, Musiata explores the themes of air, diet, exercise, and passions in four sections, delving deep into the significance of each in achieving a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Through the art of poetry, readers are encouraged to take an active role in their own wellness journey and to embrace a more holistic approach to health and wellbeing. Get your copy of ‘The Poetic Path to Wellness’ today and start living a healthier, more fulfilling life.
Format: PDF Paperback (5.06″ x 7.81″)

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Explore the power of poetry in achieving wellness with ‘The Poetic Path to Wellness’ by Musiata Akafekwa. This captivating book offers a fresh perspective on achieving a healthy lifestyle through the themes of air, diet, exercise, and passions.

(Excerpt: Chapter 1 Revival )

…But when the stomach, idly at play,

Shirks its duty and lets wine have its way,

The insipid stream, though Ceres may

Produce a livelier, more pleasing sway,

Won’t flow as easily, won’t digest as quick.

Intoxicating spirits, mixed or un-mixed,

Are sure to slow down the process of digestion

And preserve the embodied mass in fermentation.

For countless years, the fiery essence of wine

Has kept preserved in perfect design

The puny wonders of the reptile world

And the tiniest features of anatomy unfurled.

Wine, that subtle and alluring drink,

Can bring both pleasure and pain in a blink.

We do not curse it outright, but rather

We blame the excess that leads to danger.

For wine, when consumed in measured amounts,

Can help the vital tide in us to mount.

Its active poison, more potent than crude

Floods of alcohol, can flow through us renewed.

Ah, cunning deceiver, how you have thrived!

Despite our warnings, you are still believed.

How you revel in the wreckage of vows!


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